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Re: How to test a hard drive

Stephen Cormier wrote:
On Saturday 27 May 2006 19:36, thierry wrote:

Is there any way to test an HD before installing an new system on it?
I haave a strong suspiion about the reability of this HD, but money is
still a problem in disregarding it right away
Thank you for help.

Go To the manufacturer's website and check in the support section for a downloadable testing program, most have one there that you make a boot floppy with then boot from it to test.


Well, since my box does not have a floppy drive, I tried to format, first ext3, then ntfs, but both attemps failed. So I guess the drive is dead. I could any create a partition on the first third of the drive.
Anyway, I ordered a new one.
Thanks to both of you for your reply.

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