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Re: [OT-ish] diagnosing serial port functionality?

Matt Price wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm having lots of trouble syncing my Palm V to my new, fast computer
(ASUS A8N-SLI MoBo, amd 380+ dual-core cpu).  Usually I use a
serial-to-usb adaptor to connect my serial-out cradle to my computer,
but I'm beginning to think there's some hardware problem with the
adaptor (the data it sends tends to crash the usb modules).  SO I want
to hook up directly via the serial port.  On my laptop this method
seems to work (e.g., pilot-link -p /dev/ttyS0 -l is successful).
However on my new desktop I get no data coming out of /dev/ttyS0 (cat
/dev/ttyS0 produces no output).  The serial setup on this board is

You may have an privileges problem. Check to make sure you have
your "mode" bits set right.

To check for whether anything is actually coming out, you can use
a breakout box, or possibly a terminal emulator (like maybe
minicom, though it's a can of worms all by itself).


thanks for any advice you got!

I'd start with a voltmeter, and if that didn't do it, use a breakout

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