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Re: T-bird outgoing filters?

Ron Johnson wrote:
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Wackojacko wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:

Evolution has outgoing filters, so that, for example, emails that I
send to johndoe@netscape.com get sent to the subfolder john_doe
instead of Sent.

Does T-bird have anything like that?  I only see incoming filters.


This is set in the preferences for each account.

'Edit->Account Settings' brings up a list of active accounts.  You can
then set where the outgoing messages are stored via the 'Copies and
Folders' section of the relevant account.

Right, but that's for *every* Sent email.  Not what I want.

Ah OK see what you mean :)

Just like T-bird lets you create incoming filters, Evo also lets you
create outgoing filters.

Unless you are thinking that I create a separate T-bird account for
each friend/family-member that I want to do outbound filtering on...

I have a separate account for each e-mail address (only 3 in my case) and this setting works well to keep all mails separate. I can see how it would become cumbersome with much more.

Sorry I cant help further.


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