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Re: kde starting

Francesco Pietra on 29/05/06 08:00, wrote:
I though to broaden the audience in the hope to get advice.
I forgot to mention that
just contains
. /etc/X11/Xsession

while /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc
just contains
exec /usr/bin/X11/X -dpi 100 -nolisten tcp

Combined with the information below, I do not understand where <startkde> is activated in order to prevent it being activated automatically. I normally need X and window manager twm or mwm and kde is now an irritating application.

Following update/upgrade of debian 32 testing/unstable, <startx> launches in rapid sequence X-system and kde.

Because I normally use the X-system for special applications, how to avoid launching kde automatically?

I was unable to trace the config files .xinitrc
in my home directory. I thought to comment kde there.

On my system, I have /usr/bin/startkde in my ~/.xinitrc.
Just checked with 'ps -eaf' to see what process had launched startkde.


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