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Re: Regular reboots on two different boxes

--- LeVA <leva@az.isten.hu> wrote:

> 2006. május 27. 11:18,
> tyko brown <tyko@inbox.com>
> -> debian-user@lists.debian.org,:
> > I have two different boxes, in two different places
> that are rebooting for
> > seemingly no reason, and regularly too.
> >
> > Last night the DNS server rebooted ten times. Nothing
> useful shows in the
> > logs.
> Did you check their power supply?
> Daniel
> -- 
> LeVA

Just a thought, but take a look at the capacitors on the
motherboard.  I had a lot of spontaneous reboots on an
intel board a while back and that was the problem. If the
caps look like they may be leaking or the tops are not
flat, then probably that is the problem.


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