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Re: REPOST: DSL/Networking Help

You don't specify how you will be using the wireless adapter -- PCI in a
desktop, pcmcia, (?).  At any rate, this first link is pcmcia-only, and
was updated last just after linux-2.6.8 was released (the kernel used in


This page has a *great* overview of how to setup wireless networking in
a linux environment, and also has good links to compatible hardware:


Also, this page has listings of both pcmcia and pci wireless card, and
even links to Amazon to buy the hardware:


Good luck


On Sun, 2006-03-12 at 07:42 -0800, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
Reposting for no response. If I'm doing something
wrong, please tell ma and I'll correct it. I really do
need help on this issue an in setting up debian for
DSL service and networking. Have set up my W98SE
already for networking and DSL but need help with
Debian. Thanks for your attention.

Reposted here:
Just got my SBC DSL package with a 2Wire 1701 HG
Gateway, wireless router/DSL modem. I need 2 wireless
adaptors to complete the network hookup.  Googled til
I about to shoot myself as I don't know/understand all
the rhetoric. I just need to know the brand, model,
chipset of a linux compatable adapter so I can get on
with the setup. I know about ndiswrappers but don't
have windoze XP. Would prefer an adapter with driver
included in kernel modules and what kernel version has
it included.
I'm not an experienced linux user and never have setup
a network before. Any help most appreciated.
Please copy my email as I'm not subscribed. Thanks

Leonard Chatagnier

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