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Re: limit the download bandwidth for adsl customers

2006. május 26. 16:28,
david robert <davidforlinux@yahoo.co.uk>
-> debian-user@lists.debian.org,:
> Hi Guys,
> We are an ISP providers.We are providing ADSL,SDSL and other services.In
> most of the ISP's now a days they are providing only 2 GB or 4 gb etc..
> bandwidth usage for their users this includes download limit.
> How to configure this bandwidth usage limit for each user?
> this can be done in Routers side or RADIUS server side.
> I am new to ISP service please help me how to do this.
> Thanks for your help
Hi David!

Maybe you'll get more help on these lists:
debian-firewall, debian-isp

And here is my little for you :)




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