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Re: Re: Gnome 2.14 crashes in Etch after upgrade

I noticed the message below on the list, and have the same problem. I manually restored parts of my .gconf directory, noting which things cause the crash. It was a time consuming task, the biggest nuisance is having to reboot after every crash. I have reduced it to:


font_rendering contanis one %gconf.xml file

peripherals contains an empty %gconf.xml file, and a keyboard and mouse direcory, the former with 4 more subdirectories and a %gconf.xml, the latter with only a %gconf.xml

I can't remember trying to restore only subdirectories within the peripherals directory, might have worked, but it was getting too cumbersome. font_rendering's %gconf.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<entry name="antialiasing" mtime="1110789486" muser="hugo" type="string">
       <entry name="hinting" mtime="1110789486" muser="hugo" type="string">

One of these two entries must crash Gnome then?

Am I correct if I assume %gconf-tree.xml is just a flat-file version of the directory structure, meaning it's only font_rendering and something in peripherals that caused problems, on my machine?

Pity no release critical bug was filed before this filtered through to testing. Don't want to deal with these issues this year... ;)


On Fri, Apr 28, 2006 at 02:08:06PM +0100, Chris Lale wrote:
I dist-upgraded Etch (Testing) today. Attempting to open a Gnome session caused Gnome to abort and made other virtual terminals unusable (they all had a screen with a coloured pattern and no prompt or text). This was true for any existing user with a gnome configuration. Newly-created users did not have this problem.

I can solve the problem by deleting each user's ~/.gconf file (mv .gconf .gconf.old). Each user must then login and rebuild their preferences (eg theme, panel applets etc) from scratch. Is there an easier way?


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