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Re: Firestarter not starting

Thank you for your very helpful and informative response, Ken.

As you can see from my cross posting, I have now worked most of it out.

The upshot is that my firewall is and has been operating fine and it starts from ip-up. I have now got rid of the irritation of the error message on boot..

What I now realise I am after is just an applet that produces a reassuring icon in the system tray that shows the state of the firewall. I do not need the Firestarter GUI to be running if there is any other way of doing this. In the mean time, when I get round to it (it won't be for a week or so now) I will try to get the GUI running minimised as you suggest. I am a bit (not much) concerned about the compromise in security that is mentioned.

John Talbut

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