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Re: resolv.conf changing at boot

Don Jackson wrote:
> I have a router (D-Link DI-604) and several computers on my LAN.  The
> router is  That is the address the resolv.conf file is
> being changed to for nameserver on bootup.  By restoring (editing) the
> resolv.conf file to the proper nameservers of 214.134.xxx.yyy and
> 214.134.xxx.zzz. then everything works fine (no significant delay for
> DNS lookup)...until next time I reboot and they're back to
> in resolv.conf.  (and the 214.134... entries missing).
> Can anyone point me to where/what is happening here?

You use DHCP and your DHCP client changes /etc/resolv.conf because new name 
servers are announced.
It is one of the main reasons to use DHCP: getting a working network setup

> Maybe I have a 
> misunderstanding of wherein the problem lies.  The DI-604 router shows
> the 214.134... nameservers correctly when I look at it.  These are
> nameservers provided by my ISP.  I have not changed anything recently
> that I could imagine would affect this.
> (I do not have "resolvconf" installed -- as mentioned in some past
> messages on this list.)

But installing it would be the solution to your problem as you can define 
settings that are always present.
Another solution would a setup of the router to your preferred settings.

Also ask yourself what piece in the chain causes the DNS lookup delay that you 
experience. Then, either complain to your provider or to the vendor of your 
But people like work-arounds and hacks instead of going the direct route. Your 
handling of some obscure name server addresses is such one.


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