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Re: Ip-Cop

Hi Michele!
I know what you mean , 'cause is the same for me ;-)!!
I' ve created a Debian Sarge Server (file, nfs, dhcp and some other things ...), and to protect it from any kind of external attaches, i install (after i've tried many and many firewalling applications) FW builder.
I work for a period with CheckPoint (not opensource!), and i can tell you that fwbuilder is very good.
Look at their site:

Good luck!
..and yes, it could be better if you install ipcop (alone) in an old machine!!

On 5/23/06, Michele Della Marina <dellamarina@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks everyone.
I undestand ...
My intent is to build up a debian linux box (like a black box) with
many services: firewall, faxserver, fileserver, and administer it
through a web interface.

Michele Della Marina

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