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RAID array gone after installation

Hi everybody,

i have some problems installing installing etch onmy machine.
Actually installation works fine, but my hard disk disappears after installation.
I'm trying to install on a raid 1 array.
My disk look something like this:
Primary Master: HDD1
Primary Slave: HDD2
Secondary Master: DVD
Secondary Master: none
RAID Controller Channel 1: HDD3 (raid 1 array 0)
RAID Controller Channel 2: HDD4 (raid 1 array 1)
RAID Controller Channel 3: HDD5 (raid 1 array 0)
RAID Controller Channel 4: HDD5 (raid 1 array 1)

I want to install on the raid array 0. It's recognized by the installer as booteable raid array and is displayed as hde1. So far so good. Installation works fine. After the first reboot log says: dev hde1 doesn't exist, so i suppose the array becomes an scsi device after reboot. Any hints, tips or ideas would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


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