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RE: Ip-Cop

Michele Della Marina wrote:
> Is possible install ip-cop on debian sarge?
> I know that Ip-Cop is a particular kind of 'linux-distribution', but
> my hope was that someone had 'packaged' Ip-Cop for debian.

I use IPCop.  It is a purpose-built Linux distribution that converts a
computer into a dedicated gateway/ router appliance -- e.g. an IPCop machine
only functions as a gateway/ router, it is not designed to be, nor should it
be used as, a general-purpose Linux machine.  You should look around the
IPCop web site to determine if IPCop will meet your needs:


IPCop is dead simple to install.  Install the desired number (2 to 4) of
supported network interface cards, boot the CD, fill out a couple of
configuration screens, and you're done.  Ongoing administration is performed
via a secure web interface accessible from the LAN (green) side.

If you want a general-purpose Linux machine that is hardened against attack,
Debian is a viable choice.  There are various tools and features that can be
used to harden Debian -- Bastille, NSA SE Linux enhancements, trip wire, and
lots of others.  (My Debian box is behind an IPCop firewall and only
accessible via ssh using secure passwords, so I don't know as much as I
should about hardening Debian.)  There's lots of info out there on this



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