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Re: Parallelizing fetchmail

At 1148221349 past the epoch, Rich Johnson wrote:
> Others may have better info, but I don't think you can run
> fetchmail  in parallel--at least not more than one process
> per user.  From "man fetchmail"
>       Only one daemon process is permitted per user; in
>       daemon   mode,  fetch-mail makes a per-user lockfile
>       to guarantee this.

Yes, this is very frustrating. It's necessary for people
using mboxes with things like NFS where it is possible to
truncate the mbox with parallel writes, but is totally
superfluous with Maildir. The fetchmail people have strongly
resisted either a) implementing parallel support for
delivery and checking, or b) making this check optional so
at the very least you could run multiple instances.

I have a problem in the other direction, where one of my
IMAP servers is intermittently unavailable, and the whole
checking and delivery process is held up whilst fetchmail

If anyone hacks this out I'd be interested in the patch.

Jon Dowland

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