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Re: Kernel modules stupid question (solved)

klatt-st ha scritto:
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subj: Kernel modules stupid question [0.4K/0L]
from: marco4ever@libero.it (To debian-user@lists.debian.org)
date: 21May2006 @ 22:32 (141th doy|1148247145 sse)

hi Marco,

have a look at /sys/module/*/parameters. this might be what you are
looking for (well, given you use 2.5 or above..).

| Hi everybody,
| with "lsmod" I see the modules loaded, but what should I type in order | to see what options they were loaded with? | | Ex.
| modprobe ipw2200 led=1
| lsmod --> ipw2200
| | I would like to see:
| modprobe ipw2200 led=1
| "command" --> ipw2200 led=1
"command" could be some sort of script (written by you.. :) )

Thanks steffen,
you have solved my problem!
You are a god! :-)

Have a nice day...

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