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Re: PerlModule B::TerseSize causes Prototype mismatch: sub B::OP: :size:none vs () error


An alternative source of information is
http://modperlbook.org/html/ch09_04.html - by the same author but more
recent I believe. Interestingly it does not specify the line

PerlModule B::TerseSize

I have been trying to use this process for determining sizes but with
limited success. You don't say whether the output /perl-status produces is
useful. In addition to the warning you mention, I have been finding problems
with the Memory Usage report - it works for some modules but not others
(perl errors or seg faults). This appears to be a problem of incompatibility
between B and B::Size - and possibly also a bug in B.

Can you successfully use Memory Usage?

FreeBSD 4.11
Apache 1.3.33
mod_perl 1.29 


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