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Re: Debian/Testing: x-window-system-core broken/missing fonts.alias?

rs(rustystone@myway.com) is reported to have said:
> # update-fonts-dir misc Type1 100dpi 75dpi
> I tried it, it didn't work. I think you suggestion is valid though, but it appears that there's a problem with the way the x-window-system-core package is intalled on my system.
> AFAIK, "update-fonts-dir misc Type1 100dpi 75dpi" will build fonts.alias files from the "/etc/X11/fonts/.../*.alias" files, e.g. "/etc/X11/fonts/100dpi/xfonts-100dpi.alias". The problem is I do not have ANY of
> the "/etc/X11/fonts/.../*.alias" files on my system.
> It looks like dpkg says during installation that "conffile extracted" but it's not there. Ran "fsck", just to be sure, the file system is clean. Strange.

As you are running Testing, I don't think you even need


apt-cache show x-window-system-core

x-window-system-core 1:7.0.19

Description: transitional package for Debian etch
 This package is provided to smooth upgrades from Debian 3.1 ("sarge") to
 Debian etch. It may be safely removed from your system. It depends on the
 xorg package which is the new metapackage for installing the X Window
 System in Debian.
[End Quote]

I no longer have it installed and am running etch.



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