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Terrible samba2samba throughput, any ideas?


Short version: I only get 5-6MB/s on a 1Gbit connection ...

Longer version:

Client: Athlon 64 3500+, 2GB RAM with an Intel Desktop Gb NIC (32/33)
and a WD Raptor.
Server: Dual Athlon MP 1900+ with an Intel Server Gb NIC (64/66, I
think) and a 3ware 7500 array (RAID-5, 8 fairly recent 300GB Maxtors)

Both run testing-i386 and samba 3.0.22-1, no funny options.

NPtcp gives 54MB/s peak performance in both directions - not pretty,
but it would do.

FTP transfers are just a little lower as long as the file fits in RAM
on the recieving side, otherwise client->server goes down to about
25MB/s. That's fine, the array is no fast writer.

I regularly have to copy largish files, say 250MB-1GB each, from the
client to a samba share on the server. Problem is, I only get a quite
constant speed between 5-6 MB/s right from start to finish, and even
when all files fit in the server's RAM.

Normally I use gnome-vfs but I've tried mounting the share - no change.

The funny thing is that dumps from the Windows clients around here run
as expected



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