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Re: aptitude: all dependent packages

On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 10:00:32AM -0400, rs wrote:
>Is there a way, preferably using command line interface, to find all
>packages that this package depends on AND all packages that depend on
>this package.
>|--PackageB   <== show all dependent packages
>   |
>   |--PackageB-1
>   |
>   |--PackageB-2
>So, PackageB depends on PackageB-1 and PackageB-2 AND PackageA depends
>on PackageB.
># aptitude show PackageB
>I believe aptitude CLI will not show that PackageA depends on PackageB.

All installed packages that depend on 'gamin':

 # aptitude search '~i~Dgamin'

All installed packages that 'gamin' depends on:

 # aptitude search '~i~Rgamin'

I'd recommend installing aptitude-doc and read teh documentation on
Search Patterns.


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