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Re: Why is KlamAV not included in Debian?

On (19/05/06 08:13), Anthony Simonelli wrote:
> I just had a question and was wondering if anyone knew
> why KlamAV is not included in Debian?  I was able to
> download the .deb from MepisLovers.com and it installs
> just fine, but I don't know why it's not included.  Is
> it a licensing thing?
> Also, why is the dazuko source so old on Sarge?  I
> also had to download the .deb file from Dazuko's
> website in order for me to build the module.
> I'm not complaining but just trying to find out some info.

Did you mean:

~$ dpkg -l | grep clamav
ii  clamav         0.84-2.sarge.9 antivirus scanner for Unix
ii  clamav-base    0.84-2.sarge.9 base package for clamav, an anti-virus
ii  clamav-daemon  0.84-2.sarge.9 antivirus scanner daemon
ii  clamav-docs    0.84-2.sarge.9 documentation package for clamav, an
ii  clamav-freshcl 0.84-2.sarge.9 downloads clamav virus databases from
the In
ii  libclamav1     0.84-2.sarge.9 virus scanner library



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