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help with Bug in etch installer (grub)

Hi all
I'm new to finding and filling bugs in Debian, and was hoping you could
lend me a hand.
I did a network install of Debian, and installed grub. When i rebooted
it tried to find /dev/hda0 or /dev/hd0 (i forget right now). The problem
is that there is no hard drives on the ide bus - there is a cdrom only.
The hard drive is on a scsi card, but was partitioned fine by the installer.
The card is a Digital card using an Adaptec AHA2940U/UW/D AIC-7881U
chipset (as given by lspci).
The system is a Digital Personal Workstation 266i2 (with a few changes)
i have been given.

Karl Goetz
The buck stops there -> $

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