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Re: Problem booting anfter reinstall...

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:


most likely you don't have the right modules loaded. can you insmod
them from the busybox shell and then try init 6 (also, I think you
only need init 2 in debian, but you can check that by looking at

It was from a fresh netinstall with the Debian installer, I haven't got
a clue what insmod ism let alone what to do with it...?

Of course, reading back over this, my suggestion assumes you've got
modules on a readable disk and I bet you don't...

You're assuming I know anything about modules...

you could boot from a live-cd (knoppix) and chroot into your system
and rebuild the initrd to include the proper modules in the initrd. I
think its dpkg-reconfigure yaird or initrd-yaird. Others will know

I think I might just down load a DVD image and try installing from


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