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Palm sync issues

Hi All,

Running Debian Etch and using a serial connection for a Palm Pilot Vx. I 
was able to use jpilot for backups and syncs until the past month or so. 
Now I cannot backup or sync the Pilot with any graphical application. 
Here is what does and doesn't work.

pilot-xfer --port /dev/ttyS1 --backup ./pilot/Backup (works fine).

pilot-xfer --port /dev/ttyS1 --sync ./pilot/Backup (segmentation fault).

sync-plan /dev/ttyS1 .sync-plan (works fine syncing plan calendar).

jpilot (Synchronizing messages flash by quickly on Plam then fails ending 
with the message "DataMgr.c, Line:5964, Invalid uniqueID passed).

Evolution (Never have been able to sync with it. Get message 
"Identifying user" on Palm and fails with another message saying 
communication between the handheld and desktop was lost).

For the past three years or so this Palm has not been synchronized with 
any other computer. Any ideas what may have gone wrong or is this a 
question for a different list?

Many Thanks,

Jim Seymour
I started using something better than the "standard" back when IBM
advertised OS/2 Warp on TV. As Linux matured I made the transition from
OS/2 v4 to Linux.  You don't have to accept less than you deserve.  "Use
the Power of the Penguin" Registered Linux user #316735

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