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aptitude replacing debfoster [limiting the view]

I've been using debfoster for years to keep control of the number of
packages on my Debian systems and was sad to see that debfoster is being
deprecated in favour of aptitude. The few times I've tried aptitude I've
always found it confusing (not as confusing as dselect, but bloody close
to it) and I've quickly gone back to good old debfoster. This latest
move pretty much forces me to take a longer look at aptitude and so far
I've managed to make a little more sense of it. However, there is one
specific usage pattern of debfoster that I'd like aptitude to support as
well. Maybe someone can offer some pointers?

In debfoster I would regularly run

 # debfoster -qmn
 # debfoster -a

The resulting list would have all top-level packages, i.e. all packages
that aren't dependencies of any other package. I can then look at this
list and prune it if I see something unnecessary.

Can I somehow limit(l) the package list in aptitude to only show me
packages that

 1. are installed, and
 2. aren't installed as a dependency of any other package, and
 3. are dependencies of another installed package?

AFAICS this would result in a list of packages that can be safely marked
"automatically installed" without being removed from the system.


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