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Re: gimp and printing

> Although I have already set up my cups system and have a default printer, it 
> has nothing to do with gimp (but please correct me if I am wrong). I can not 
> use the printer configured with cups in gimp. I don't get the connection 
> between the "system printer" (as you mentioned) and gimp.
> In gimp I must add a printer in the print plugin's dialog and specify the 
> printer's vendor and model. There are many HP printers, but not the one have 
> (710c). The question is still open.

I assume you have correctly set up your printer and verified it really
works. If so...

1. in GIMP go to File -> Print -> Setup Printer,
2. in "Printer Make" select "HP",
3. in "Printer Model" select something that is close enough to yours,
   "HP DeskJet 690 series" would be the one I would try first, but
   feel free to experiment with other options,
4. select "Standard Command" and select your previously configured
   printer in "Printer Queue", do not select "(Default Printer)",

You should be done. Try to print something.

If it does not work, make sure that your have really setup CUPS
correctly. Check if "hp-toolbox" is not complaining about anything. Also
take a look at output of "hp-info". "hp-setup" and "hp-makeuri" may also
prove useful.

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