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Re: How to restore corrupted initscripts?[SOLVED]

On Friday 12 May 2006 15:22, John O'Hagan wrote:
> Hi,
> When shutting down my etch laptop of late, it stops just short of power-off
> with a message along the lines of "No more processes in this runlevel". I
> then have to power-off manually.
> I looked in /etc/init.d and noticed that the "halt" script was no longer a
> script, but a text file containing configuration for asterisk. Also, the
> mountvirtfs script had been replaced by a gif image! This explained some
> other boot error messages I had been getting e.g., about /proc and /sys.

> But my question is, how to fix it?

Thanks to all who replied; I bit the bullet, backed up and purged 
initscripts - and some very important packages which depend on it , like 
sysvinit, udev and hal - keeping a note of everything I needed to reinstall, 
and it all went fine. Fortunately there was no crash before this could 


Thanks again,


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