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Re: Unix command(s) to eliminate file extension?

Rodolfo Medina wrote:

>> Suppose I have in a directory a certain number of files,
>> all terminating with `.txt', and that I want to eliminate
>> that suffix from all of them.
>> Is there a Unix command, or perhaps a set of commands,
>> that can do so?

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> rename 's/\.txt//' *.txt

Tim Ruehsen wrote:

> I might be a good idea to use
>	rename 's/\.txt$//' *.txt
> (Just a detail).

Digby Tarvin wrote:

> If I correctly understand  what you want to do, a simple
> minded way of doing it using two commands and a shell
> loop would be:
> 	for i in *.txt ;do
> 	mv $i `basename $i .txt`
> 	done

Thanks to all.
I adopted Roberto's and Tim's suggestion: it seems to work fine.


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