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Re: How to restore corrupted initscripts?

John O'Hagan wrote:

When shutting down my etch laptop of late, it stops just short of power-off with a message along the lines of "No more processes in this runlevel". I then have to power-off manually. I looked in /etc/init.d and noticed that the "halt" script was no longer a script, but a text file containing configuration for asterisk. Also, the mountvirtfs script had been replaced by a gif image! This explained some other boot error messages I had been getting e.g., about /proc and /sys.

I'm guessing this was caused by some random filesystem corruption I've been getting lately as a result of a faulty power-supply in the laptop, requiring manually running fsck.(It's an ext3 filesystem.) Even after this I occasionally notice random file substitutions like the above. But my question is, how to fix it? So far I've tried reinstalling iniscripts (the package which provides the missing scripts) but for some reason this fails to replace them, even with the dodgy ones moved out of the way. I was going to try purging initscripts before reinstalling, but was scared off by some heavy warnings from apt-get.

Any insights or advice?



i had a comparable problem a long time ago under woody. got too warnings from apt. i decided then i had no other choice but ignoring this warning. i purged initscripts and installed the package anew. with success. yet the warnings of apt made me think deeply for a couple of hours, i remember, and made me backup my work.


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