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Re: synaptic package manager problem

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 07:19:01PM +0700, Surachai Locharoen wrote:
> I use gnome2.14. and I install gnopernicus. after install it. I want to
> remove it. but I can't remove it. Synaptic is close itself each time I
> press apply button. This is happen to all module when I want to remove.
> I can't press apply button because It will close
> How to correct this problem?

I don't use synaptic, but as a general guide, when you are having
trouble with a gui app, start it from a terminal, then you can see if
there is any output. open whatever terminal you use, type synaptic at
the command line and then use the program normally. If it crashes, you
may get output in the terminal. 

That's the first thing I do if I'm having trouble with a gui
app. Also, you might try synaptic -h or --help as there maybe a
verbose command line switch. That may help with getting useful



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