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xawtv xvideo fullscreen on Matrox G400 broken since X11R7 upgrade?


I was enjoying fullscreen Xawtv until the recent X11R7 switch, it
seems. (xawtv is the only application I found to be able to display
the composite input from my v4l2-ccapable DC10 card). The fullscreen
mode was previously used XVideo, output on a Matrox G400 with DRI
Snce the upgrade, this is no longer the case. Xawtv is unhappy with
XVideo capabilities of the matrox video card. The output with "-debug
2" contains this:
Xvideo: 1 adaptors available.
Xvideo: Matrox G-Series Backend Scaler: input image, ports 73-73
Xvideo: no usable video port found

That "no usable video port found" ticked me off. After skimming
through it's sources, it seems that indeed, xawtv is expecting "video"
capability from the XVideo device (beyond "input" and "image").
Has anybody had similar XVideo-related problems with matrox cards
since the upgrade? Anybody know of a regression? (Or maybe a 'bugfix'
that eliminated unstandard behaviour :P)
Note that DRI works correctly with the upgrade.

thanks for any info,

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