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Re: debian menu not updating and a few games issues

Roberto C. Sanchez escribió:
Dimitar Vukman wrote:
Hi all,
I've posted this to lq, but will "post it" here on mailing list because I'm getting really desperate :)

I've noticed that my debian menu is not updating, at least I'm sure Games submenu does not update, however if I log in as a different user everything works fine.Now there's issue with games, some of them. If I start supertux I get

$ supertux Datadir: /usr/share/games/supertux Warning: No joysticks are available. Fatal signal: Floating Point Exception (SDL Parachute Deployed)

Is I start wesnoth I get some similar message... However a different user can start everything FINE and everything works.
So where do I start fixing things here? Any thougts are appreciated.


Have you tried running update-menues from the command line?

I am not sure about the wesnoth and supertux errors.
If the other users can start the games, it's probably a problem on your side.
Try moving $HOME/.supertux out of the way and try again.


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