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Hey List,

Trying to get sshfs to work on my 'sarge' box.

Installed sshfs, added root to the fuse group, then attempted to connect to
remote machine that has sshd, with sftp extension, and get:

# sshfs remote_host:/<remotefs>  /<localmountpoint>
FATAL: Module fuse not found.
fusermount: fuse device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first

# modprobe fuse
FATAL: Module fuse not found.

Nothing in man page describing needing to have a fuse module.
Nothing in /usr/src/linux- about fuse
Nothing in /lib/modules/ about fuse module
Nothing in /usr/src/linux- about fuse; kernel or module.



uname -a
Linux <hostname> #2 SMP Tue Oct 11 13:20:36 PDT 2005 i686 GNU/Linux

dpkg -l | egrep "ssh|shfs"
ii  shfs-utils     0.35-2         (secure) SHell File System mount programs
ii  ssh            3.8.1p1-8.sarg Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH)
ii  sshfs          1.1-1          filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer


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