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RE: Mails from Win to Linux, troubles with .wab, Palm use

Hi, thanks for the answers ;) they were all very usefull, but I'll need to
add other ones...

Now, I have others problems related to migration:
1- While moving and formating data, I saved my address book to .wab format,
and now I can't open or import it, 'couse It launchs an error box, do you
know some way to fix .wab address books!???

2- I don't know yet which mail client should I use in Debian, I work with a
huge mail traffic, and I use a 515 Palm, but don't know which one from all
mail clients is better working together to Palm handheld. Does somebody have
some experience working with Palms in Debian!!??

Blast o_O

PD: ... piensa zombie, piensa... arráncate la cabeza y piensa... "THe

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On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 00:00 -0500, Kent West wrote:
> Blast o_O wrote:
> > Hi guys, I want to move all my mails to Debian, but I don't know how 
> > to import there my .pst from my Outlook, what can I do!!??
> >   
> I think you'll find that the easiest, most reliable method is to use 
> an IMAP server, point your Outlook to it, move all your mail to the 
> server, then point your Debian mail client to the IMAP server, and 
> move them down (or just leave them on the IMAP server).

That's if he can have 2 machines running, networked, at the same time.  Not
always possible at home.

Grabbing Win T-bird and using it to import Outlook mail to mbox using the
W32 MAPI (then burning the mbox to CD-R if you are wiping the whole disk) is
the standard single-machine solution.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA

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