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Re: Font for PC graphics characters

On Mon, 08 May 2006 21:39:46 +0200, Almut Behrens wrote:

>> >> which font is capable of showing the PC graphics characters (ie ascii art)? 
>> > 
>> [...]
>> But still I am unable to view those PC graphics characters/symbols.
> The package xfonts-dosemu might be what you want (if I'm understanding
> you correctly).  It contains the following fonts:
> vga          -dosemu-vga-medium-r-normal--17-160-75-75-p-80-ibm-cp437                                                   
> [...]

Thanks Almut. That works. 

More questions. 

Q1. How can I make the installed font immediately available, without
restarting the x session? 

$ sudo debfoster xfonts-dosemu
Unpacking xfonts-dosemu (from .../xfonts-dosemu_1.2.1-3_all.deb) ...
Setting up xfonts-dosemu (1.2.1-3) ...

$ xlsfonts | grep vga

empty, no found.

I'm currently managing my fonts via defoma, without xfs. 

Q2: Is it possible to use those xfonts-dosemu fonts in my broswer?
if yes, how?

Q3: is there any tool that can translate those PC graphics
characters/symbols to utf8 symbols so that they can be displayed properly
using font:



- I saw that it have those PC graphics characters/symbols, but not within
the ascii range.
- the fonts from xfonts-dosemu are too big, even the smallest ones.


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