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qt + opengl + nvidia


I having problems with QT + OpenGL, probably related to the nvidia driver that 
I'm running. I compiled the qt3-examples and was trying to run but for some 
reasons they don't display and 3D. The area in the application is just black. 
I get no error message.

I have check with the ldd that the examples is compiled against 
"libqt-mt.so.3", which is correct according to the readme file. I also 
installed mesademos to test my opengl support and they are running without 
trouble. mesademos contains a "glinfo" program and that is reporting 
gl_version "1.5.3 NVIDIA 71.74".

The conclusion that I have is that opengl is working in my system, but not in 
QT. Does anyone have an idea to fix it?

Best regards

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