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RE: search and replace code in php or html files

It was generated by dreamweaver then - Dreamweaver prefixes the javascript
functions it creates for rollover images with mm



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Linas Žvirblis wrote:

> Check out "rpl" package.

I will take a look, thanks.

> See if it contains a "generator" meta tag. Other than that, sites made
> with Frontpage will contain all sorts of errors, MS specific code etc.
> This is not a scientific definition, but if it looks like crap, it most
> likely was generated using some proprietary WYSIWYG editor.

No "generator meta" tag. The source contains functions like:
function MM_preloadImages(){ //v3.0 ...
function MM_findObj(n, d) { //v4.0 ...

and has css styling stuff in the header of the document. And the website
directory seems to contain duplicates of the files, one version with php
extension and the other with htm.


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