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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

John - wrote:
> Despite the political prejudices of a great many participants, Debian
> may be the world's best instance of socialism in practice. If
> socialists were smart, they'd learn something from this. Ditto
> capitalists.  Double ditto libertarian hardliners.

    And just what have you learned from Debian and it's socialism?  Here's
what I learned.

    Socialism works when there is no real value to the items being exchanged.
 Because we can duplicate the code/programs at an insanely low price (it isn't
free, electricity and net bandwidth/blank CDs cost) we can hand it out to any
and all takers with no perceptable loss to us.

    However, in the real world where if I hand you my shirt I have none on my
back socialism has yet to succeed.  It's called 0-sum.  However in a
capitalist world where barter and trade reign each trade is, by definition,
not 0-sum.  The only time 0-sum works is when what you're trading is equal to
or exceedingly darn close to 0.

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