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Re: How do you grow brocolli?

Matt Johnson wrote:

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"Read my lips" is a metaphor, I do believe.
The literal meaning is "pay close attention to what I say",
so it is certainly a figure of speech.

I disagree. To ask someone to read your lips is literally giving an instruction. "Read" as in "read".


Anyway - it's much safer reading someone's lips, rather than a book.
Have you never suffered a paper cut? We're working on banning books (and
obviously all paper items) this side of the Pond. It's part of our
"prevent" rather than "cure" rationale. It'll save the NHS millions.

IIRC, Germany had a similar project in the 1930s.

Why I always say I'm against "crime prevention". We need
crime deterrence, not prevention. "Prevention" means taking action
against people before they commit crimes. Not a Good Idea.

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
You have found the bank of Larn.
I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that!

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