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Re: [OT] Recipe for a Debian thread that won't die

On 5/3/06, anoop aryal <aaryal@foresightint.com> wrote:
On Saturday 29 April 2006 11:39, Manaen Schlabach wrote:
> I haven't been around this list long but here are the ingredients for
> a thread that won't die.  Can anyone think of further needed
> ingredients?
> Ingredients
> 2 Dozen Broccoli Growers
> A heavy dose of green color
> 1 Social Contract
> 1 smidgen of "how do you address somebody..."
> Add politics
> Stir
> Add some light Colour if it still doesn't look right

in your ingredients you forgot:
1 spell color with a 'u'.

> Bake


anoop aryal

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We added color with a u at the end so I think were covered.  I suspect
that we missed an ingredient though.  I think we need a dash of "I
don't want to be CCd" too

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