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Re: IC

Daniel L. McGrew wrote:
IC... interesting... I've already taught myself to go to the bottom of a post or email
and start reading... or maybe it was automatic since that's the way it's
always worked... as a matter of fact a lot of organizations who render tech
support request that you include all previous emails and you have to start
at the top... otherwise, you will have to scroll paste 10, 20, 30, or more
pages to get to a place to put your latest request for aide... and then they

The reason you have to scroll through a bunch of junk is because
others don't do what you were admonished to do: TRIM!

will have to do the same thing to get to the bottom so that they can see
what you want... I will try to do it that way from now on... thanks for the tip...


Like I just did.

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