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Re: problems in gnome/gdm after weekend etch upgrade

Chris Lale wrote:

Rick Reynolds wrote:

I run etch on my laptop system, and I usually do a dist-upgrade each weekend to keep up to date.

This past weekend's update seems to have broken some things in either gnome or gdm that are decently difficult to work around. Wondered if anyone else has seen this and/or can point me to a solution.

1. Upon entering my login credentials, it is not unusual for gnome to hang while starting up. I only see the "gnome 2.14" splash screen and the system is seemingly hung. ALT-F# doesn't work to drop me to a console either. Although I can login via ssh and poke around. This seems to be semi-random in nature and a couple of reboots later I can usually login.

2. Upon entering my login credentials, gnome (or gdm?) will crash and restart and I'll end up back at the login screen again.

3. My keyboard map seems to be screwed up randomly. Earlier this morning, the letters d, f, and l were not getting through. I pulled up xev (thankful that those three letters were working) and verified that they were generating X events (i.e. it wasn't a broken keyboard) but gnome (or X?) wasn't receiving them properly. A reboot (or two) later and now different keys are malfunctioning.

This is decently painful. My guess is that some underlying library that gnome and/or gdm uses has some kind of problem, as this last upgrade only asked me about changing one configuration file and that was for xdm which I don't use.

See my previous post http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2006/04/msg04086.html


I tried a minimalist solution first, which didn't work:

I moved the ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard directory and attempted a login to gnome. This did not seem to have any real effect and gnome hung again.

The solution recommended in the above thread worked well:

I moved the entire ~/.gconf directory away and was able to login to gnome. There weren't all that many things that I had to change back, actually. Which I guess means I hadn't customized too many things that weren't already customized via my favorite theme.

Thanks for the help, and I apologize for repeating the problem description in a new thread. For some reason I didn't catch that the other problem reports were also describing my problem.

Rick Reynolds
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