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Re: LDAP: ultrapossum-server or slapd?

On 5/2/06, Gezim Hoxha <gezimetc@shaw.ca> wrote:
Hi all :)

I'm completely new to LDAP and the whole directory services thing.

What I want to do is have evolution calendar (for example) and
egroupware calendar synchronize automatically. So, I heard that I could
allow LDAP to be the storage system (is that term correct?). However,
the problem is choice (darned choice :)) because in the repos there is
the slapd and ultrapossum-server. They both seem to do the same job.

So, my question is, which one is better, what are the differences
between slapd and ultrapossum-server?

Thanks alot.

I had never heard of ultrapossum before, so I had to go look it up.
Looking at its home page (http://ultrapossum.org/) it looks like it is a
layer of services on top of OpenLDAP, not a seperate server. It seems
to provide monitoring, reliability and management services for OpenLDAP.
For what you are doing, you most likely don't need the monitoring and
reliability functions. The management stuff might make it a little easier
to set up. Your choice.


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