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Only mono sound when capturing audio thru mencoder.

I don't manage to get stereo stream when capturing full screen 720x576

analog video with stereo sound from mencoder. I get the video ok, but

audio is mono. Monitoring the input return via ALSA mixer GUI thru the headphones

I see that the sound *is* and *arrive* in stereo to the soundcard (an Ensoniq Audio

PCI SoundBlaster with a SigmaTel STAC9708/11 chipset).

Mencoder claims like this when actually recording from analog video with

stereo sound:

Building audio filter chain for 44100 Hz/1ch/s16le -> 0Hz/0ch/??...

Building audio filter chain for 44100 Hz/1ch/s16le -> 44100Hz/1ch/s16le...

Audio stream: 705.600 kbit/s (88200 B/s)

It seems it gets only the signal from one of the channels instead of both.
(Hence «0Hz/0ch/??...» and «88200 B/s», it should read 176400 or so....).

Needless to say I get the correct sound source selected from within the Alsa

mixer; otherwhise NO sound will come out of the recorded video during playback
at all...

What am I missing?
Thanks in advance.



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