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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

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On Tuesday 02 May 2006 01:38, Matthias Julius <lists@julius-net.net> 
was heard to say:
> How do you recognize well-intentioned and law-abiding citizens?

Demonstrate harm. If someone hasn't harmed you or anyone else, it's a 
pretty good indication that they are well-intentioned 
and "law-abiding" citizens.

>  What makes this difficult is that people change.  They buy a gun
> as a well-intentioned and law-abiding citizen in case they need to
> defend themselfes.  Then a while later when they are upset or drunk
> they find they have a gun handy and do harm somebody else.

Exactly. Demonstrate harm.

> A lot 
> of such violent crimes are committed out of an emotional reaction.

Do you have a citation for that?

I think you will find, if you bother to actually research the subject, 
that the vast majority of crimes are committed by repeat offenders.

>  While taking away guns may not completely prevent all such crimes
> ti might make them less harmfull.  Using a gun is too easy.

Have you used one? If you think it is just sooo easy to kill someone, 
obviously you have not. Again, do a little research on the subject 
instead of relying on what you see on the news where "if it bleeds, 
it leads". A woman standing safe with a gun in her hand and a fleeing 
rapist means no crime happened. A woman strangled with her own 
pantyhose and raped in an alley is big news.

That's why you have heard lots about the latter, and nothing about the 

If you have any interest, try _More Guns Less Crime_ and _The Bias 
Against Guns_ by John R. Lott. 

Or just go to your local gun store and _ask_ someone.


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September 11th, 2001
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planning advocates in American history

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