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Re: df discrepencies

charlie derr wrote:
On one of the machines that I oversee there is an issue with the df output that I don't understand.

here's a part of the output from df -h

/dev/sda1             440G  420G     0 100% /backup

if i don't use the -h it looks like this:

/dev/sda1            461293804 440335112         0 100% /backup

It appears that there really are 20Gigs free, but that column shows 0 -- can i reliably ignore that column and use subtraction with the previous two to compute the true free space?

Couple of things that might be relevant here.

By default, a certain percentage of each disk will be reserved for root's use, typically 5%. This is set when the file system is created.

Also, you might want to check the output of "df -i" and be sure you're not out of inodes. It's possibly to have a disk showing tens of gigabytes of free space, but no new files can be created, or existing ones extended, because there are no free inodes.

3rd. My recollection is that rebooting will fix this problem (for a while), but I'd prefer not to have to reboot every couple weeks.

I fail to see why rebooting would make the tiniest bit of difference :)

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