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Re: df discrepencies

charlie derr wrote:
> On one of the machines that I oversee there is an issue with the df
> output that I don't understand.
> here's a part of the output from df -h
> /dev/sda1             440G  420G     0 100% /backup
> if i don't use the -h it looks like this:
> /dev/sda1            461293804 440335112         0 100% /backup
> It appears that there really are 20Gigs free, but that column shows 0
> -- can i reliably ignore that column and use subtraction with the
> previous two to compute the true free space?
I'm going on very hazy memory here, but it might give you enough info
for googling. If I recall correctly, the system wants at least 10% free
for "system overhead"; as 20Gig is only about 5% of your 440Gig
partition, that's why it's showing as 100% used.

Why rebooting would change this number is beyond me.


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