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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> > 
> > The backlash of 9-11 was like Christmas to the conservative
> > military-industrial complex and their puppet congress-critters. 
All the
> > things they have wanted over the years like more defense spending,
> > rights for citizens and the ability to run stormtrooper like raids
> > citizens and eavesdrop on attorney/client converasations came true
> > morning after.
> > I call it the American public running scared.
> > 
> > Cybe R. Wizard 
> You must admit, though, that defense was cut *way back* during the
> Clinton administration.  Not only that, but he deployed the military
> more in 8 years than something like the previous five or 10
> put together.

I'm no fan of any politician (in general) - but Bush-winkle and his
republicrat cronies just "allowed", through duplicity, for the events
that occurred on 9-11, by not paying any heed at all to any of the
warnings - specifically and intentionally *turning a blind eye* until
tradgedy occcurs. In doing so, he knew all to well that (with time)
some form of a catastrophic 'attempt'(atleast) was to eventually and
inevitably happen. Well - what'd-ya-know...looky that. Christmas and
New Years on the same day for the top Bozos...and all their friends who
spent millions buying up military-industrial-complex stock alll
throughout the 90's. It's payback time for us good ol' boys...and at
YOUR expense...te-he-he-he.

Perpetuating the myth that anything else actually occurred up until
that fateful morning, is not only offensive, but blasphemous and
Bozo-Stomp! worthy.

Let's not forget also: our "Oilmen" in the BlackHouse need to make
profits (hand over fist - and at YOUR cost) - Any and all of the little
bozos who voted these chumps 'back' in for 4 more years are more than
disgusting ...they're friggin' idiots! Madison avenue critters and
bottom feeders can actually sway public opinion by using choice
terminology. Thats what $$$ can buy (and that's not all it can buy). An
Uneducated populous you say?...but ofcourse.

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