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Re: Just how do I fix this??

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 23:41 -0700, Rob Blomquist wrote:
> I am trying to fix an unmet dependancy from my Backports installation of KDE 
> 3.5. I am guessing that something is not allowing the overwriting 
> of /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kioslave/audiocd.docbook. How can I force this 
> to happen?
> (Reading database ... 130073 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to replace kdemultimedia-kio-plugins 4:3.3.2-1 
> (using .../kdemultimedia-kio-plugins_4%3a3.5.0-2bpo1_i386.deb) ...
> Unpacking replacement kdemultimedia-kio-plugins ...
> dpkg: error 
> processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdemultimedia-kio-plugins_4%3a3.5.0-2bpo1_i386.deb 
> (--unpack):
>  trying to overwrite `/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kioslave/audiocd.docbook', 
> which is also in package kdebase-kio-plugins
> dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  /var/cache/apt/archives/kdemultimedia-kio-plugins_4%3a3.5.0-2bpo1_i386.deb
> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

        dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kdemultimedia-kio-plugins_4%3a3.5.0-2bpo1_i386.deb

This will cause dpkg to over write the files. As you are fixing a backports issue, I'd just over write it.

Then go and do "apt-get upgrade" or "apt-get dist-upgrade" and your machine should carry on from there.

I copied to you as I am not sure if you are sub'd to Debian-User.

greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

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