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Re: how to test Ethernet connection

Jon Dowland wrote:
At 1145901154 past the epoch, Serena Cantor wrote:

You are right. Thanks! I will buy a crossover, hope it
does not cost much, or I will consider buy a hub.

If you have an ethernet patch cable already and want to save
some money, you could get the schematic for a crossover and
rewire it rather than buying a new one. However I expect you
will find one cheap enough to save you the effort.

Eh? I think not. Even a cheap crimping tool will cost about
$30 USD. Cheaper by far to buy a router or switch (I wouldn't
get a hub; a router is preferable to a switch) with 4 or more
ports for $40 USD, and then be expandable.

Here are the trade-offs...

	Cross-over cable
		Advantages:	Cheap/easy to make if you
				already have the tools.
				Easy to install/configure.
				Full duplex no collisions.

		Disadvantages:	Only point-to-point, not
				Easily confused with regular
				cable later, causing headaches
				debugging non-working connection.
		Advantages:	Cheap and easy to configure.

		Disadvantages:	Collision prone, hence slow.
				Not full duplex.
				Can't mix different speeds.
				Not secure.
				Cannot act as a bridge.

		Advantages:	Relatively cheap.
				Easy to configure.
				Full-duplex, no collisions.
				Can mix speeds.

		Disadvantages:	Not secure.
				Cannot act as a bridge.
		Advantages:	Full-duplex, no collisions.
				Can mix speeds.
				Secure if has separate WAN/LAN.
				Can do NAT.
				Can act as a bridge.

		Disadvantages:	More difficult to configure.
				More expensive (but not *much*

Costs ($USD):

Cross-over cable $5-$10
Hub $10-$20
Switch $15-$25
Router $30-$40 ($20 on sale)

All decisions require trade-offs. I use ADSL at home, and I bought
a router just for the NAT and security, and only have one computer
connected to it. I just needed the firewall. WAN side uses DHCP
from my ISP, LAN side uses fixed IP.

If security is an issue (it is with me) then I recommend against
wireless routers. I got mine on sale, so I got a wireless, because
that was the one on sale, but I disabled the wireless, and removed
the antenna.

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