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Re: GNOME login fails

Hello Kent,

thanks for your answer!

Kent West schrieb am 26.04.2006 14:14:

> Christoph Bier wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>since yesterday I can't log into GNOME anymore. The failsafe session
>>works however.
> I'd take GDM out of the picture myself just to simplify things
> ("/etc/init.d/gdm stop" as root), and start X with "startx" (as normal
> user). You might need to create/edit ~/.xinitrc so that it contains the
> line "gnome-session".

This works!

> If this does not work, I'd create a new user, and
> try the same thing as that user. If this does not work, I'd try as root
> (careful; in and out is all I'd do).

I tried this even if the above worked. I can't log in as a different
formerly or newly created user.

> These ideas might provide more
> information/clues to help you solve the problem.

Because other users can't log in via GDM but startx with
gnome-session in ~/.xinitrc works, I guess GDM is responsible for
the failure. But as I wrote even installing the old version of GDM
didn't change anything. So what might be wrong here?

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